Trevor Matthias


Trevor Nicolas Matthias

Age: 39
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Color:
Distinguishing Marks: None
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Notable Relations: Jon (friend)
Profession: Fireman
Military Background: Ex-Military
Location Of Home: Monroe, WA
Location Of Discovery: Ranch (came on their own)


Trevor grew up in Monroe. He knew of Jon somewhat, being only two years ahead of Jon in high school (Monroe High wasn’t that big back then, it’s gotten much bigger since it moved to Tester Road). He was prominent in athletics, although never the captain of any team he was on, and was well liked by everyone, from students to staff. He always had a positive attitude and tried to be friendly to everyone, especially those who seemed like they were left out of things. He wasn’t much of a planner, more of a do-er. He enjoyed living in the moment too much. When he turned 18 and graduated high school, he went into the army to become a firefighter. He had heard from his uncle how difficult it was to get a firefighter job starting as a volunteer firefighter, and figured this would not only get him advanced training, but get him experience faster and ensure he had a chance for opportunities when he got out. Throughout his service career, he remained in touch with his uncle, the fire district #3 fire chief Alan Matthias (who later retired and was replaced by Jamie Silva). He was decorated several times in his military career, though never anything major. He kept his uncle abreast of his career, so that when he was discharged after 6 years, he had a job waiting for him at fire district #3. He has worked hard in the last 15 years since joining, but has hit the top of his area. While there were promotions that he could have pursued, and possibly achieved, he prefers to remain an “in the field” kind of guy, and making fire marshal or fire chief definitely takes that person out of the field. He thrives on the contributions he makes, but has a hard time feeling those contributions when they are made from behind a desk. While he has dated off and on during that time, has never gotten close to anyone, feeling that no one deserved the uncertainty that his risky profession brought with it.

The Journey

Trevor was in Redmond for a big, private New Year’s Eve party for rescue personnel and their families. There were several hundred people there (rented hall, the Redmond Marriott Town Center), although no children were included. Overnight childcare had been provided through Bright Horizons elsewhere in the hotel, with the expectation that the parents would pick them up the next day by 11:00 am (both halls were rented through noon). Kids came packed with pajamas, a change of clothes, sleeping bags, and so on. The big party also spanned multiple districts, so a charter bus was arranged. When the event occurred, it was chaos. As friends and loved ones rose as undead to ravage the living, people quickly began to panic. The noise also seemed to draw other people from the hotel, both survivors and zombies. Some kept their head and fought back, but many who would have otherwise survived perished as food for the undead. The death toll continued to rise, with no one getting out until finally there was only one man left standing, Trevor. As he apprised the situation, he knew there was something bigger going on. He wasn’t sure what the situation was, but he knew he had to help people. His first thought was for the children in the smaller hall not too far away. He got to the hall without incident and entered, to find a small pack of undead children feeding on the childcare providers, who were now deceased. He truly hoped for their sake that they had died before the horde feasted upon their flesh. He dispatched the undead, though getting mildly injured in the process. Once they were dispatched, he assessed the room. Not easy to do in the dark, so he decided to go back to the bus and get the emergency flashlight. He exited the building to discover the bus driver had turned undead as well. Having just fought colleagues and coworkers, rather emotionally taxing, this bus driver was easily addressed. It was surprising, though; he watched the Walking Dead show, and the undead were much slower in that show. Thankfully there weren’t hundreds to contend with, but Trevor was certain that it was just a matter of time before they grouped up like that. Who knows if there were more elsewhere in the hotel, let alone the Redmond Town Center. He had to get the surviving children and get to safety. But where would be safe? He considered the prison in Monroe. It helped the survivors in the show… but then he thought about the other factors, especially any surviving inmates that would likely prey on small children. Where else would be defensible, but without the large gathering of people like at a military base? Heck, who even has military weapons other than the military? That’s when he realized, that crazy man Jon he met several months ago in Monroe that has been called in for explosions, car crashes on his own property (and on purpose, mind you), even firing a WWII howitzer… that guy had a whole museum built to show off his WWII stuff, which included a lot of weapons! And there was a bunker, he remembered that. If there was any place in Monroe that could be defended, that was it. And they had even hit it off and done some stuff outside of Trevor needing to cite him for dangerous activities. Now he had a plan, get to fort Kralt. He just needed to get back and find any surviving children.
Trevor took the keys from the deceased bus driver and entered the bus. It wasn’t was of those fancy new buses, with integrated TV’s and everything, but it was nice enough and had its own bathroom. This is important, according to Zombieland. A bathroom you could trust. Just to be sure, he checked it before grabbing the flashlight. Empty, safe. As he was heading back to the front of the bus, he had a thought – what if the bus wouldn’t start? He tried starting up the bus, and it started. Trevor was a little surprised, because everything else seemed to stop working, including the iPad that the bus driver had been using to watch a movie on. It would serve their needs just fine, so he turned it off for the time being. On to the children!
Returning to the smaller hall meant as a temporary childcare center, he began to search through the carnage. The room smelt sickly of death, but the needs outweighed the inconvenience. He searched and called out, and after searching thoroughly, he had been able to find five children that had survived, out of nearly a hundred. He found out from one of them that two of the care givers had survived, but distracted the undead, telling the other children to hide and remain quiet until it was safe and someone came for them. He went to the now dead caregivers and rifled their bodies for ID. The man’s was easily found in his wallet, but Trevor had to go to where the purses had been stored to find the woman’s. They were a married couple, it seems. Trevor vowed to somehow honor them for their sacrifice.
Having rescued the surviving children, he helped them gather their things and herded them onto the bus. There were no undead in the immediate vicinity, but he heard them down the street and didn’t want to wait to exchange pleasantries. With the kids safely aboard the bus, he headed out. He wasn’t too familiar with Redmond (part of the reason he took the bus in the first place, rather than drive), so he needed to get his bearings. He drove directly away from the main shopping area of Redmond Town Center, which for some reason had sounds of zombies coming from it (Microsoft has buildings just the other side of the main shopping area) and south of where they were (AT&T has several buildings due south of the hotel). He got back to Bear Creek Parkway, and turned right. He knew 520 was to the left, but he remembered that the freeway on-ramp was the other direction. When he got to Westlake Sammammish Parkway NE, there had been an accident that was blocking the freeway on-ramp. His options, as he saw it, was either try to push the damaged vehicles out of the way, amidst the zombies congregating, or turn and take a different route. Somewhat confused in directions, he turned south, crossing under 520. As it turned out, Westlake Sammammish Parkway NE was fairly empty, not even businesses or residential along it. There were side streets, but nothing that appealed to Trevor. It was further down on this street that Trevor found his first three passengers. At the Marymoor Retirement And Assisted Living center, he found three men fighting a pair of zombies in the street. He also saw another group of four coming from the retirement center. Without even pausing to think, Trevor drove the bus straight into the oncoming pack of four – luckily they were old and moving slower than the other zombies he had encountered. He decided he preferred zombies from retirement homes, much easier to deal with. After running the small group over, he stopped the bus and exited to help the men. The four men finished dispatching the other two elderly zombies, and the newcomers introduced themselves. The large, burly, black orderly introduced himself as Leon. The second man, somewhat skinny, introduced himself as Derrick. The third man introduced himself as Jeff. He explained that he and Derrick had been at the company party nearby when everything went down. They managed to escape, but encountered Leon on the road fighting off the two zombies and they came to assist. When Trevor asked if they knew what was going on, no one else had any idea either. When he then asked if they had a plan, Leon was at a loss but Jeff told the group about this bunker his company had installed in Monroe, and he knew first hand how effective it was. It even had a manual lock on the inside, so if anyone was in there, they would be able to see survivors on the outside and open the vault door even if it had already been closed. Trevor confirmed what he knew as well about the site in Monroe, including the WWII heavy weapons, and it was agreed upon that this was definitely the right place to head for. As the men got on the bus, and Trevor made introductions to the kids, Jeff stayed up front to talk with Trevor. They discussed directions, and Jeff pointed out that it was late and sleep would do them all well. His house wasn’t far away; while it wouldn’t be ideal long-term, it should serve well enough for the night, allowing for everyone to get some much-needed rest. Jeff turned the bus around and went back the little ways to where the road had forked, and turned to follow the waterfront of Lake Sammammish. Unfortunately, it was about this time that the bus also started making unpleasant noises. It wasn’t too far before they got to Jeff’s house, a pretty nice “mansion” right on the lake. Jeff let everyone in, and arranged for sleeping accommodations (made easier by the fact that the kids all came with their own sleeping bags). Jeff had a small, integrated generator, which he turned on for heat and electricity. He mentioned to Trevor that they wouldn’t be able to take it with them, and he wasn’t sure about how much fuel it had, but it should last anywhere from the night to three days, well more than they needed. The next morning they were awoken to banging on the front door. Jeff rushed to retrieve his pistol, which he hadn’t thought about the night before. He wasn’t very good with it, but at close range, he figured he didn’t need to be. Trevor checked the door, and instead of the zombies he was expecting, he saw a frantic looking woman with several children. He could hear her begging to be let in, and he knew that the undead couldn’t speak, so he opened the door before Jeff returned. He let the woman and the four children in quickly, as he saw behind her the reason for her anxiety – a group of six undead charging. He quickly closed the door and turned the deadbolt. Jeff arrived; he recognized the woman as a neighbor, but they had never actually met. She explained that she had been out looking for other survivors, unaware of the zombie problem when she came across the group of children running from the zombies. The children were all from the neighborhood and had grouped up themselves before encountering the zombies (their parents having never returned from the previous night’s festivities). She quickly scanned the surrounding houses and saw lights on in this one as well as smoke from the fireplace (Leon had lit a fire to add the the heat and conserve generator fuel). She introduced herself as Emmaline Orszulak.


The delay in getting to the ranch came from the fact that being an older charter bus, it also broke down twice en-route. There were three other survivors that had been picked up that aren’t listed, but they perished in zombie attacks during the delays for repairs.

5 children near fire station in Redmond

Crossroads QFC
Medical professional, OB/GYN

Location TBF
Residential Solar Panel Installation Technician
Construction Vehicle Maintenance Technician

On road a few miles from the ranch
Three farmers
1 child


Trevor Matthias

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