Antoinette Espiritu


Antoinette Chan Espiritu
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Dark Tan
Distinguishing Marks: None
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Notable Relations: None
Profession: Certified Firearms Trainer for Wade’s Gunshop
Military Background: None
Location Of Home: Redmond, WA
Location Of Discovery: Ranch (came on their own)

Antoinette was at work the evening of the event, and was annoyed by the lights going out. She was there practicing, as she would often do during her off-hours. When the event occurred, she simply went and found lanterns and continued practicing. It wasn’t until a couple hours later when she began to leave that she realized how significant the problem was. Because the indoor range is designed to keep the sounds in, she hadn’t attracted any walkers, but she could see them roaming about individually. She saw a survivor running from a walker, just to be attacked from another walker coming from a different direction – as well as the ensuing feeding frenzy. From that point on, she kept out of sight from the main windows. She ate what was in the employee kitchen, but knew it wouldn’t last forever. She kept herself busy by packing up all the weapons that she could for easy transport. One day, she managed to break into the public storage across the way and get the keys to their older moving truck. She moved the truck over, then proceeded to hide. If she had drawn any walkers, they were gone by the next day, when she next opened the delivery doors. With no walkers in sight, she loaded everything she wasn’t planning on taking with her in her car, so that she had an option. After loading the truck, she hid again. The next day was loading her charger, knowing she would have to leave to find food. After a week, she realized that she would need to find food. That morning, she was devising her plan, when the front door was opened. Bellevue police officer Caterina Genaldi had picked the lock as was trying to sneak in. This was the first real survivor that Antoinette had seen, and the women were both delighted to see another survivor. Caterina had been surviving on foot, but knew of where to find food. After gearing up properly, the pair left in vehicles and headed to Crossroads to find more food, Caterina having shared the last bit of what she had with Antoinette. It was there that they discovered the map to the ranch, and after loading up on food as best they could, headed out to Monroe.

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Antoinette Espiritu

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